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 Do you have questions about pests or pest control?  Did you know that termites are the leading cause of property damage by an insect, or that yellow jacket and bee stings can put you into a hospital?  These are just a few of the questions we often get asked.
What is a Bedbug? 
A Bedbug is a parasitic insect that feeds exclusively on blood, preferably human blood. They are oval shaped, wingless, light to reddish brown in color and about the size of an apple seed. They reproduce rapidly and can tolerate a wide span of temperatures.  
Where do I find Bedbugs?
Bedbugs prefer to live and hide in areas frequently occupied by their hosts. Furniture and beds are their most common areas but bedbugs can be found throughout the house.
How did I get Bedbugs?
Bedbugs can be found just about anywhere today. The more "public" or highly visited the location is, the better the chance there may be Bedbugs. Locations where people stay extended periods of time also will have a higher risk of Bedbug infestation.
Can a cockroach infestation cause asthma?
Yes, cockroaches are a leading cause of asthma. The saliva, fecal droppings, debris and decomposing bodies of cockroaches all have trigger proteins that cause asthma attacks. These attacks can be worse for younger children.
Why can't I eliminate my yellow jacket nest?
The nest of a yellow jacket can be very tough to eradicate. Yellow jackets are notorious for building nests that are very difficult to access. One could use 10 cans of wasp spray and never put a dent into the overall colony population.
How does Affordable Exterminating control the yellow jacket nest
when I have failed several times?
At Affordable Exterminating, we have proven methods to quickly eliminate the whole colony. We use the yellow jacket's natural colony behavior as a catalyst to their elimination. Our work is guaranteed.
I just noticed my pest problem!
How quickly can Affordable Exterminating get here?
Help!!  You just realized you have a pest problem and you want it exterminated yesterday.  We understand the stress and anxiety you are dealing with.  We have extended business hours all year to be able to handle your pest control needs.
Does Ohio have termite infestations?
Yes, Ohio has a significant population of subterranean termites. Attacks on houses are typically hidden, but with the correct tools and trained eye, we can determine if you have been under attack.